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Natural Solutions and Nutraceuticals Pvt Ltd is a forward-thinking startup that has developed two patented polyherbal products: Virulina, Hypercum & Hepadetox which is the process for patenting offers promising solutions for our post-pandemic world.


Antiviral Innovation: Virulina is a groundbreaking polyherbal product designed to meet the urgent need for effective antiviral solutions in the post-pandemic era, addressing concerns about viral infections.

Immunomodulatory and Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Virulina exhibits immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties, enhancing its overall health benefits.

Scientific Foundation: The development of Virulina is rooted in extensive research, ensuring a safe and efficacious formulation.

Broad Spectrum Antiviral: Virulina is a versatile antiviral solution effective against a wide range of viruses, offering protection against emerging viral threats.

Comparative Efficacy: A study at the Regional Centre of Biotechnology found that Virulina is equally potent as remdesivir against the Wuhan coronavirus strain, demonstrating its real-world effectiveness.


Hypertension Management: Hypercum is tailored to effectively manage hypertension and its associated complications, addressing a prevalent health concern.

Innovative Formulation: Hypercum is a polyherbal formulation that safely relaxes smooth muscles by promoting endothelial NO release, alleviating hypertension-related symptoms and promoting overall well-being.


Our Polyherbal Hepadetox formulation holds immense promise in the healing of damaged livers, particularly in the context of post-COVID liver injuries, which affect more than half of the patients. In vitro studies have unequivocally demonstrated its significant potential in rejuvenating hepatic cells and facilitating the recovery of the liver. These groundbreaking solutions underscore our unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare and enhancing the well-being of those under our care.

Furthermore, it's important to note that Hepadetox also contributes to the regulation of cholesterol levels, which are pivotal in maintaining optimal lipid levels. These lipid levels serve as vital markers for cardiac health. By aiding in liver healing, Hepadetox not only fosters liver recovery but also plays a crucial role in alleviating cardiac issues, which can be life-threatening. This dual impact emphasizes the pivotal role of Hepadetox in safeguarding both liver and cardiac health.

Expert Team:

The success of these products can be attributed to the expertise of the core team. Researchers provide scientific rigor, pharmacists ensure product safety and effectiveness, and branding and marketing professionals ensure these products reach their target audience effectively.

In summary, NSNPL is an innovative startup that has developed evidence-based polyherbal products. Virulina addresses viral infections comprehensively, while Hypercum offers a holistic approach to hypertension management. The company's combination of scientific research and a skilled team positions it as a pioneer in polyherbal formulations, delivering safe and effective solutions to critical health issues.

Key aspects of our mission

We are more inclined to serve patients through herbal formulations


By emphasizing research, we demonstrate a dedication to evidence-based practices. Conducting thorough scientific studies allows us to gather data, validate the efficacy and safety of our herbal products, and hence help us to contribute to the growing body of knowledge in herbal medicine.


Innovation is crucial to developing unique herbal products that address unmet needs or offer improved solutions. By combining traditional knowledge with modern scientific advancements, we have created novel formulations and delivery methods that enhance the effectiveness and usability of herbal treatments.

Serving Mankind

Our emphasis on herbal products aligns with the growing demand for natural and plant-based alternatives in healthcare. Herbal medicine has a rich history and offers a diverse range of therapeutic options. By harnessing the power of nature’s ingredients,we can develop products that provide holistic health benefits.

Herbal Focus

Our mission statement highlights our commitment to serving humanity. By offering herbal products, we aim to improve people’s quality of life, support their health and well-being, and provide alternative options for those seeking natural remedies. This customer-centric approach demonstrates our dedication to making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Education and

As part of our journey, it’s important to prioritize education and create awareness about herbal medicine. Sharing knowledge about the benefits, uses, and safety considerations of our products can empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and encourage healthcare professionals to integrate herbal medicine into their practices.

Why Natural Solutions & Neutraceuticals pvt. ltd

We are more inclined to serve patients through herbal formulations




Research & Development

Our goal is to address those critical areas wherein quality of life of patients can be improved and more lives can be saved.

Our Research & Development team is focused and has been working identified areas. Our priority is to get effective natural products which are evidence based into the hands of physicians.

Our Products

We have innovative herbal products which have gone through stringent testing be it toxicity, In Vivo, In Vitro etc. Though we have chosen the path of Modern medicine for evaluation of their efficacy

Virulina is a poly herbal combination, A powerful immunomodulator which is clinically tested.

Hypercum is a safe drug which can be taken along with other hypertensive drug without altering the routine blood parameters.

Succare is a time tested holistic, comprehensive formulation of 25 ingredients (including Mineral Pitch).

It helps is digestion by enhancing metabolic rate thus helps in fat reduction in our body.

Helps in smooth functioning of Small & large Intestine by improving secretion of digestive enzymes by stimulating liver.

What people say about us

We have innovative herbal products which have gone through stringent testing be it toxicity, In Vivo, In Vitro etc

Awards & Appreciations

We have innovative herbal products which have gone through stringent testing be it toxicity, In Vivo, In Vitro etc

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Our Partners

We have innovative herbal products which have gone through stringent testing be it toxicity, In Vivo, In Vitro etc

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3rd Floor, A-304, Bonanza, Sahar Plaza Complex, Andheri – Kurla Road, J. B. Nagar, Andheri, East Mumbai, Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra: 400059

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