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Hypercum is a combination of herbs & species and it helps to keep blood pressure completely under control. Hypercum is one of the few products for which extensive trials in humans and in vivo and in vitro studies in animals have been conducted and results have been overwhelming. We at NSNPL have not left single page unturned regards to potency and safety of the Hypercum though being an herbal product and considered safe. Hypercum is the end result of extensive research of more than a decade. Hypercum is a research product bearing patent No: 352347

Each 3 gm of sachet contains:

Rauvolfia Serpentina150mg*
Nardostachys Jatamanshi30mg*
Allium Sativam50mg*
Ocimum Sanctum200mg*
Curcumin Longa50mg*
Embilica Officinalis150mg*
Azadirachta Indica200mg
Trigonella Foenum Graecum200mg
Zingiber Officinale100gm*
Tribulus Terrestris200mg*
Withania Somnifera50mg*
Pueraria Tuberosa100mg*
Terminalia Arjuna200mg*
Centella Asiatica150mg*
Mentha Arvensis Marsh Mint200mg
Foeniculum Vulgare100mg*
Andrographis Paniculate 250mg
Cichorium Intybus 100mg*
Myrtus Caryophyllus 50mg*
Cuminum Cyminum 150mg*
Aloe Indica 100mg*
Total 2780 mg

Mechanism Of Action

Step 1: Hypercum Stimulates endothelial cells which results in release of NO(Nitric Oxide) Gas.

Step 2: NO gas released from endothelial cells, diffuses into smooth muscle cells that line small blood vessels.

Step 3: Once inside the smooth muscle cell, NO binds to an enzyme, called guanylate cyclase which esults in activation of guanylate cyclase.

Step 4: Guanylate cyclase being activated cleaves two phosphate groups from another compound called guanosine triphosphate . Which results in the formation of cyclic guanosine monophosphate.

Step 5: This cyclic guanosine monophosphate is responsible for phosphorylation of proteins,including the smooth muscle contractile protein called myosin.

Step 6: Once phosphorylation takes place, smooth muscle cell protien myosin relaxes, thus resulting in vasodilation of the vessel.

In Vitro Studies


SHC-649(Hypercum) treatment strongly reduced SBP in Dex-induced hypertension. These findings confirm the antihypertensive effect of SHC-649(Hypercum).

Hence, SHC-649(Hypercum) could be suggested for clinical trial studies for prevention and/or treatment of hypertension.

Clinical Trials


Hypercum is a safe drug which can be taken along with other hypertensive drug without altering the routine blood parameters. Hypercum was also analyzed with respect to illness associated along with hypertension. Finally, it can be concluded from the above study that Hypercum not only is an effective drug against hypertension, it is also safe to be taken along with other prescribed medication and also it helps in reducing other illness associated with hypertension and its associated complications.

It is recommended to control elevated blood pressure and the complications associated with it. Complications such as Sleep Disorder, Reduced Concentration and Memory , Body Pain, Small Joints Pain including Knee Pain, Blurred Vision, Neck Pain, Headache, Mood Swing, Abdomen Fullness, Irritability, Aggression, Lower Back Ache etc.

Dosage: 1gm O.D on onset/ 3gm O.D in moderate to severe hypertension

Frequently asked questions

Hypercum is a unique combination of herbs aimed at controlling blood pressure and addressing associated complications and complaints. It is formulated with time-tested herbs, devoid of metallic bhasmas or heavy metals that are known to cause complications.

Yes, Hypercum is considered safe as it comprises herbs with a long history of use without reported adverse reactions. However, it should be used under the guidance of a physician.

Hypercum is suitable for patients on antihypertensive drugs, individuals aware of their high blood pressure but not yet on medication, diabetic patients, those with renal failure, or metabolic syndrome, under medical supervision.

Hypercum helps in treating hypertension and its complications, offering benefits such as improved sleep, bowel movements, relief from muscular pain, and increased energy. It may reduce the need for other hypertensive drugs.

Yes, Hypercum relaxes the nervous system, aiding in better sleep, which is often disrupted in hypertensive patients.

Yes, Hypercum relaxes the nervous system, aiding in better sleep, which is often disrupted in hypertensive patients.

Hypercum, designed to address hypertension-related complaints, can relieve these discomforts due to its formulation and fast onset of action.

Yes, Hypercum contains Arjuna, which helps in reducing anxiety, subsequently alleviating palpitations common among hypertensive patients.

Yes, it can aid in controlling elevated blood pressure post-surgery, under medical supervision.common among hypertensive patients.

No, any changes to medication should be done under medical guidance.

No, Hypercum is not recommended for pregnant women.

Yes, it can be taken on an empty stomach without harm.

Yes, due to its content, such as Gokhru, it may prevent fluid accumulation in the body, reducing swelling.

Yes, by controlling elevated blood pressure, Hypercum may help alleviate shortness of breath associated with hypertension.

Under medical supervision, Hypercum can be taken twice daily for uncontrolled blood pressure, while a single bedtime dose may suffice for maintaining normal blood pressure.

Yes, Hypercum is FDA-approved. For hypertension.

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